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The Riddle Breaker–2014–Soon to be released.

The Riddle Breaker – The Pitch

Why had she been the only one to survive? This question has haunted Davida Hawthorne since her father died in a mysterious car accident and two weeks later, her mother and sister were murdered. Now, twenty years later, she has returned to the family homestead in Central Missouri to find out. Instead, she finds herself pitted in a lethal match against some unknown evil, masquerading as good, that wants her and others with her same genetic traits dead.

The Riddle Breaker comes complete with a cast of characters who can tease, please, confuse, and abuse, but all of them can lay claim to a fortune in land and money. Enter Minnis, the bumbling, old man with a horrific secret, who shoots Davida after he thinks she’s a ghost, and Molly Burgess, the former nurse, who tries to suppress what she knows even from herself. Next, Hannah Franklyn, the lawyer, possesses knowledge, keys, and a riddle, and Montgomery Campbell, the professed accountant, is really a wanted con man. Nelson Carpenter, the small-town doctor, displays an unusual interest in DNA that threatens to expose a cattle rustler and a conspiracy of silence that has existed for twenty years. Then Quentin Davis, her childhood idol, too conveniently saves her life, and Ellen Shepherd, the hotel manager whose own daughter was bizarrely murdered, accosts Davida with a shotgun. Finally, the sheriff, Doug Burgess, is suspect. Her life and the lives of others depend on her knowing learning quickly whom she can trust.

The Riddle Breaker is a tense thriller where spidery clues weave together to produce credible motives for murder that go beyond the desire for land and money. When Davida’s new friends begin to fall like dominoes in a deadly game, can they stop what’s happening before anyone else becomes an ultimate sacrifice?

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