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Patty Knowles was born during the middle part of the twentieth century. Most of her life has been in Central Missouri, where she lives with her husband. They have raised three children, and have four grandchildren who make their world a wonderful place to be. Patty is a life-long educator, who believes the best way to make the world better to to teach people to read and comprehend information about the world around them. Finally, after years of writing and revising, she has finished her first novel: The Riddle Breaker.

Patty Knowles

Welcome to the world of Patty Knowles.

Life here is never boring. For the moment, I will refer to myself in third person.

The mind of Patty Knowles if filled with fantastic ideas, moving colored images, and great dialogue.

Patty is a life-long learner and instructor of knowledge. As such, when she writes, she intends to show an aspect of the world and highlight areas of it that most people don’t see as they pass by.

Here is the spot where she will record her writing endeavors and those unfortunate mishaps that bring out the problem-solving skills.

My first endeavor: this weekend, Sept. 12-13 is, a new writer’s convention held in St. Louis, MO, which is close –about 3.5 hours away. I’m looking forward to it.

Photo of Celebration fireworks.
Celebration Time! by Patty Knowles

My really exciting news: The Riddle Breaker is ready for beta readers, and the Patty Knowles website is under construction.